Safety Week 2023

Welcome to Safety and Health Week!

At Marco we are proud of our commitment to workplace safety and this week we will share with you some tips on making your workplace as safe as possible.  This approach is used at Marco each and every day.  Our safety record speaks for itself.

The five key contributing factors  to a safe work environment are:

  1. People
  2. Equipment
  3. Materials
  4. Environment
  5. Processes (PEMEP)

These factors must fit together smoothly like pieces of a puzzle. Each of them should be considered when you are recognizing, assessing, and controlling hazards or investigating an accident. By doing so, you will do your part to make the workplace safe and efficient.

At Marco we recognize that our team members are integral to our success and we are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy working environment for everyone whether they work in our office or on a project site. We continuously explore ways to enhance our safety program and strive to create a culture that reinforces that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

This commitment to the health and safety of our team members and our subcontractors has given Marco an outstanding safety record. In November 2017, the New Adult Mental Health & Addictions Facility currently under construction in St. John’s achieved 200,000 worker hours without a single lost time incident. Earlier that year, the Acute Care Hospital under construction in Corner Brook achieved over 2,000,000 without a lost time injury.  In Nova Scotia, Marco team members have won the Construction Safety Nova Scotia Safety Champion Award four times.

In Nova Scotia, Marco’s program has won several awards:

  • 2021: Marco team member received the NSCSA Safety Champion Award
  • 2018: Marco team member received the NSCSA Safety Champion Award
  • 2013: Marco received the NSCSA annual Safety Leadership Award
  • 2012: Marco team member  received a Mainstay Industry Champion Award for Safety
  • 2010: Marco received an honorable mention for the Mainstay Industry Safety award in the  category of businesses with over 50 employees
  • 2006: Marco received the annual NSCSA Safety Award in the category of businesses with over 50 employees

We’re proud of this record of success and we’re happy to recognize Safety and Health Week. By working together, we can all do our part to ensure everyone goes home at the end of the day just as healthy as when they arrived.