MUN Core Science Facility

St. John's, NL

This massive, 42,000-square-meter facility will contain, among other offices, the departments of biochemistry, biology and chemistry, electrical engineering, and computer engineering, and labs from the Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training network.

The building will also house technical services’ cryogenics facility, the Faculty of Science’s central chemical stores facility, and the Ocean Frontier Institute — a $100-million research partnership with the University of Prince Edward Island and Halifax’s Dalhousie University. Renewable energy teaching and research labs will be placed on the roof, overlooking solar panels and wind turbines.

The facility will enable Memorial to compete globally as a top destination for students and researchers.

At the 2nd floor, the facility will be connected via a bridge to University Center (which also connects on the other side to the existing Engineering Building). This will be a student-focused floor – housing the Senior and Junior design studios, Computer Lab and Classroom, and student collaboration areas

The building will also house a student projects lab and optics research lab. A portion of the facility will be designated as shell space to be built out in conjunction with industry partners to support collaborative research.  The project will be targeting LEED Silver.

Renderings courtesy of Hearn Fougere Architects.