Corner Brook Long Term Care Facility

Corner Brook, NL

This new P3 facility accommodates 120 long-term care beds, 15 palliative care beds, and 10 rehabilitative care beds. Located on an approximately eight-acre site immediately adjacent to the future acute care hospital, it will become a key pillar of the Corner Brook community. The project will create 380 person years of employment, $43 million in GDP, and 200 permanent public service jobs.

This building uses geothermal heating and cooling systems. While a more costly solution than a standard electric heating design, a geothermal solution provides greater value via long term energy savings as well as indirect sustainability benefits. The use of geothermal also allows for optimization of the energy performance of the building, thereby capitalizing on the LEED energy points available for this feature.

Marco constructed this design-build-finance-maintain (DBFM) project as a member of Corner Brook Care Partnership. This DBFM team includes:

– Developer / Equity Provider / Asset Manager: Plenary Group
– Architect: Montgomery Sisam Architects
– Service Provider: G.J. Cahill