Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex

Guysborough, NS

The new Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex complements the existing recreational infrastructure of the municipality (outdoor swimming pool, baseball field, tennis courts and existing playgrounds) by
providing a more community-centric campus.

The facility houses the Chedabucto Fitness Center, community meeting/event space, office space for the municipal recreation department, an elementary-sized gymnasium that can easily be converted into community space for weddings, etc., and community offices. The complex is also equipped to serve as the main Emergency Coordination Centre for the Municipality in the event of an incident that requires the activation of the ICS (Incident Command System).

Attached to the building is a refrigerated shinny rink with removable boards that can be used for skating/hockey purposes, and a refrigerated skating loop that measures about 1,000 feet in length. The shinny rink can be used in off season for ball hockey, basketball and other outdoor activities, while the skating loop can be used in off-season months for roller blading, walking etc.