360-Degree Cameras Transform Project Documentation

Marco’s adoption of digitally enabled solutions like 360-degree cameras and the StructionSite app has transformed the way we document jobsites and manage site resources. This ensures we bring the best value to our clients.

With these tools we are able to reduce the time it takes to complete job site documentation and track the progress of what’s been installed. We capture ongoing progress in 360-degree photos and link them to the drawings that have been uploaded to our collaborative construction management platform.

How it works: Site managers conduct a walkthrough using a 360-degree camera. As the individual walks through the building the camera captures a 360-degree image of its surroundings. Once the footage is downloaded, viewers can pick a point on a drawing and pan around in all directions to view the recorded site conditions.

If walk-throughs are undertaken in a similar pattern each time the technology is used, the app will overlay the images and provide an X-ray-like image of a the project, allowing the viewer to toggle back and forth between the past and the present. Alternatively, it can present the images in a side by side or split screen style to demonstrate the progress between past and present.

Advantages: It isn’t always possible for owners, consultants, or inspectors to view projects in person as often as they would like. However, with visual walk-throughs, the consultants can virtually walk through the building to inspect progress without having to leave their office.

We also use this technology for quality control throughout the life of the project and in the documenting of as-built conditions. A picture is worth a thousand words, and having detailed, time-lapse images of a project, eliminates the requirement for any destructive investigation after the fact.

Project Manager Robyn Dillon states, “This technology has been a fantastic addition to our document control. Being able to locate a timeline of photos, RFI’s, observations, and deficiencies related to a project by simply clicking on the area of question on a drawing has saved us a lot of time. It allows our team to be more efficient and focus on the areas that require our attention most. This benefits us, as well as our Clients, Consultants and Subcontractors. Its user-friendly integration into our existing collaborative construction management software, making it simple for all parties to access the information.”

In an industry where each day can present new challenges, obtaining timely access to information is essential. By utilizing 360 cameras and the SturctionSite app Marco ensures our clients and consultants can access accurate project details with a few clicks of a mouse.

Marco’s adoption of advanced industry technology that increases productivity ensures we deliver maximum value on every project we undertake. This is one of many reasons why we remain the leading general contractor in Atlantic Canada.