Creative Solutions Bring an Owner’s Vision to Life

As construction management experts, Marco is known for their ability to employ creative solutions to bring Owners’ visions to life. Their work on the five story, 44-unit Nook Apartments in Halifax, NS is a case in point.

In the building’s North-End neighbourhood, municipal zoning regulations dictate that the maximum height a building can attain is 14 meters (45.9 feet). This restriction ensures a smooth transition to the abutting properties and ensures new developments align with the context of the existing neighbourhood of low to mid-rise buildings.

These requirements to bring some challenges, as fitting five floors of living units within the height limitation in a structure with eight-inch concrete floor slabs, means that each unit has as ceiling height of just seven feet ten inches. Add interior bulkheads below this, and the ceiling height decreases even further.

A proven solution provider, Marco collaborated with design team to explore options that would fulfill the project requirements while maximizing ceiling height. After evaluating various approaches, the team made the decision to utilize the ECOODUCT TM system  (a system of rectangular spiral-seamed ductwork that is embedded in structural concrete slabs) for the bathroom exhaust fan, range hood, and heat pump exhaust systems.

Commonly used in high-rise buildings, this approach allows ductwork to be hidden from view. This creates a more open interior space and preserves as much ceiling height as possible.

The in-floor ducting also facilitates coordination between the various disciplines. With the mechanical lines designed into the slab and out of the way, the team found it was much easier to achieve a coordinated duct layout that satisfied the architectural, structural and piping requirements while maximizing ceiling height.  “The system made for a quick, and efficient rough-in,” says Project Manager Brad White, “while reducing the amount of ducting in the units..” In short, it was a win-win situation all around.

Under Marco’s guidance, installation of the ductwork was successfully completed and the project is proceeding on schedule. The building was “topped off” in late October and is scheduled for completion in May 2023.